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A Stranger in the Cover -- Rachel Brimble
The Mistress of Pennington's

A Stranger in the Cover -- Rachel Brimble
A Stranger in the Cove

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Transatlantic Loving -- Rachel Brimble

Transatlantic Loving

Class of '85 Series

In a desperate bid to escape the bitter reality of her children accepting her ex-husband’s new – and younger – fiancée, Lisa Cavendish travels from the UK to accompany her friend to a high school reunion. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with the school soccer coach who, it appears, holds as much regard for his child as her ex did when he walked out on them.

Aaron Taylor can’t believe his eyes or ears when he is introduced to Lisa. Sexy and funny, she has no idea how her accent enhances the heartbreak he endures waiting for his daughter to ask him to return to the UK. But after spending three short weeks with Lisa, he sees the answer to his pain in the eyes of the most phenomenal British lady he has ever met.

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"Transatlantic Loving is part of the Class of ’85 Series and it quickly becomes an instant favorite.  I thought the characters were humorously lovable and both share pains from the past that will unite them.  A terrific installment in the reunion series." Single, 4 Stars

"A nice romance that has you pulling for the two wounded souls to find a second chance at happiness."
Got Romance Reviews, 4 Diamonds


Silently, he eased her in front of him and encircled his arms around her waist. The view in front of them stole the last breath of caution from Lisa’s body, and she leaned back against his chest and held on to the muscular forearms folded across her abdomen. He moved his face to the side of hers and when he spoke his words warmed the curve of her ear.

“What do you think?”

She inhaled a shaky breath. “It’s beautiful.”

“The moon looks like that, as far as I can tell anyway, for just two nights of the year and tonight is the second of them.”

“It feels as though I could touch it.”

The moon was close enough and bright enough that the gray patches of its craters were clearly etched across its shimmering surface. Its light, completely unhampered by clouds, bounced in a perfect dart across the surface of the lake. Picture postcard perfect, Lisa took a snapshot in her mind, saving it permanently in her memory forever.

They stood in silence for another few seconds before she turned in the circle of his arms and slid her hands up over his biceps and onto his shoulders. Tracing the wonderfully sculpted lines of his clean-shaven jaw with her finger, Lisa felt every last whisper of self-consciousness slip from her body.

“Kiss me, Aaron. Everywhere.”


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